Consulting, Testing & Design

Do you have some software that needs testing in a specific environment?  Perhaps you feel you'd benefit from some one on one time with an instructor in the lab. Or maybe you have an idea for a project, but you're having trouble coming up with a concrete design.

We offer time with our staff on an hourly basis! Each of our available staff members have specialties and individual skills! Choose your staff member based on your needs, and we'll do our absolute best to help you with your problem.

These services are available for members and non-members alike! Scroll down for examples of some consulting and testing services we've performed for customers

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I can help you and your team successfully achieve high reward outcomes in your high risk technical projects. I have extensive experience in systems engineering to integrate across different technology areas and product lifecycle phases (from concept to disposal), risk management to increase project feasibility, cybersecurity to improve information reliability, and training systems to improve workforce innovation capabilities The perfect project proposal starts with, “we’ve never done this before”. Our technical leadership can ensure that you complete your mission safely and successfully.

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I can help you with most electronics and programming projects. I have extensive experience with microcontrollers, like Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, and much of the software, electronics, and hardware that go into robotics. I’ll be able to speed up your development process, and help you turn your tech project into the best it can be! I can also help with more advanced software projects! I’ve worked with a variety of both high and low-level programming languages, as well as technologies ranging from cloud infrastructure to NoSQL databases to website applications. I can help guide your project towards the technologies best suited for it, and make steep learning curves much easier to handle.

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I can help you gain some experience and confidence with extra tips and tricks on all of our machines. I have a lot of experience with the laser cutter, flux core welding, and basic woodworking, but I can also help you work on basic metalworking projects, and in 3D printing. Let me help you get more precise cuts, clean up your edges, and reduce your laser burns!

I can also help you develop project designs in each of these areas! If you have an idea, but don't know where to start, I'll be able to help you come up with a plan and help you figure out which skills you'll need to complete your project!

Some examples of OSML consultation sessions

Please note that some of our examples do not name the company or individual, as to protect their privacy.

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SEDS Vulcan II Testing

Our longstanding relationship with SEDS continues! The latest liquid fuel rocket engine was due for a cold flow. Dan conducted engineer reviews of their test procedures, performed as technical safety and oversight, and trained the team in industrial testing operations. Photo of the team raising the rocket in its test rig to the left.

Product Design Feedback Sessions

One of our resident startups recently needed a second look at the current iteration of their product. Dan was able to perform an informal design review for them, going over the function and form, while also highlighting areas that could be improved. Having a second set of eyes, especially a pair of engineer's eyes, was invaluable for refining their product and readying it for further development.

Artificial Intelligence Platform Testing

A local company is currently developing an artificial intelligence software platform, and was interested in testing their product on a variety of edge computing platforms. Both Dan and Bryan worked alongside our client to develop a custom test platform for their containerized software in our Kubernetes environment. Photo of design session to the right.

Developing a Plan and Building Skills

One of our members felt unsure about how to start their project. Ariel spent some time discussing their idea, and helped them develop a plan of attack, involving both woodworking and the laser cutter. She also showed them some advanced techniques, and helped them build the skills to accomplish their goal!
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