Equipment & Specs

Design Studio

Full SOLIDWORKS software suite (for commercial use):



- Electrical


- Visualizer

Collaboration table with large screen display, webcam conferencing

Electronics Lab & Capabilities

Weller soldering stations
Microscope for small component soldering
HP digital oscilloscopes
DC power supplies
Discrete components
IoT test platforms

CADE (Containerized Application Development Environment) - kubernetes cluster with 72 processors, 141 GB RAM, available for DevOps prototyping, training and testing of containerized applications.


Rapid Prototyping
Rabbit Laser Cutter
    - 80 Watt, 22" by 31" cut area
    - Capable of cutting a variety of materials, including (but not limited to) cardstock, cardboard, leather, wood up to 1/2", acrylic up to 1/2"
    - Capable of etching (but NOT cutting) glass, pyrex, brick, stone, tile, and andonized aluminum
    - Cannot cut or etch any other metal

Two Afinia 480 3D printers
    - Capable of printing a 5" cube volume
    - ABS and PLA based filaments
    - Output is accurate to within .15mm (6 thousandths of an inch), and has 30% of the strength of injection molded parts

Sherline 4400 CNC Lathe

Sherline 2000 CNC Mill

Lincoln Electric 140c MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric 185 TIG Welder

Floor Mount Drill Press

Jet liquid-cooled Metal Band Saw

Shear, Brake, and Roller

Angle Grinder

Chop Saw

Electric sheet metal shears

Coming soon: Plasma Cutter

Jet Band saw

Compound Miter saw

Panel saw

Hand router

Jig Saw

Circular Saw

Orbital Sander

Belt Sander

Cordless Drill and impact driver

Air compressor

Heat guns

Wide variety of screwdrivers, wrenches, vise grips, files, ect.

4500lb capacity electric forklift

Twin high bay doors, each 10 ft wide by 14 ft tall

Zoned for Industrial R&D, allowing for a greater variety of possible projects