SOLIDWORKS 2019 Is Here!

OSML has a great new capability for our entrepreneur and startup members - the full suite of SOLIDWORKS 2019! This includes SOLIDWORKS Premium,SOLIDWORKS CAM, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS PCB, and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Startups with a membership at OSML now have access to this very powerful software suite that can handle any aspects of complex product design.

Many new hardware products contain elements of several types of design - printed circuit boards (PCBs), electrical subsystems that provide power and communications for the electronics, and the physical structure that contains them all. By having an integrated suite of software, product designers and engineers can quickly resolve the many interdependencies between these components.

Some of the new features for 2019:

  • Integrated CAM

  • Create and work with large assemblies much faster

  • Mesh modeling to quickly create new designs

  • 3D markup capabilities

  • Powerful new tools for part modeling

  • Smarter machining with SOLIDWORKS CAM/Machinist

  • Increased productivity and flexibility with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

  • Improved workflows for technical documentation with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Startup companies and entrepreneurs can now have access to these extensive design capabilities without the high capital expense of software during their initial product development phase. With a Startup Membership at OSML, new companies can greatly reduce their development time and costs. Stop by our design studio to see what’s new, or drop us a note at for more information
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