OSML at San Diego Maker Faire 2016

This will be a composite exhibit of the multiple teams and organizations that OSML hosts or supports to show the full effect of how we are influencing and shaping the maker community of innovators in our region. Team members within our exhibit will include:

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) - UCSD Chapter. World famous as the first undergraduate team to design, build and launch a 3D printed engine in a liquid fueled rocket fabricated at OSML, they’re back with three concurrent projects:

- The Vulcan-1 rocket was designed by the SEDS UCSD team - the first student team in the world to successfully fly and recover a rocket powered by a 3D printed engine.
- Triteia is a semi-autonomous chemically propelled 6U CubeSat competing in NASA's CubeQuest Competition. Currently in development, Triteia will be one of the first CubeSats to venture into deep space, paving the way for future low-cost space missions.
- The Static Fire System has proved itself incredibly useful for SEDS UCSD when testing engines. The new version, dubbed Colossus, will be created with safety, integration of new senstors for data aquisition, and simplification of testing as its highest priorities

Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) - This is a national competitive program where students submit experiment design proposals for microgravity experiments to be flown on the International Space Station. Vista Magnet Middle School participated in Mission 8 which just returned - their experiment will be on display. They are participating again in this year’s Mission 11 as part of a larger community organized and led by OSML.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4014, the Top Hat Technicians - Team 4014 enters their fifth season, once again hosted by OSML for all of their training, design and building.

CraftEd Curriculum - Our newest OSML partner in delivering maker education, CraftEd empowers teachers and increases teacher bandwidth to deliver high-quality, deeper learning experiences to students.

Cal State San Marcos STEM Ambassadors - CSUSM STEM Ambassadors are outstanding undergraduate students who are part of CSUSM's STEP outreach efforts. They share their unique experiences at CSUSM with prospective students, they promote CSUSM science and math programs at local high schools and community colleges, and they serve as role models for current and future STEM majors. OSML provides hands-on training and program support to the STEM Ambassadors.

Charity Wings - The mission of the Charity Wings Art & Craft Center is to be an inspiring place for people of all ages to Gather, Give Back, and Create. As part of their mission, Charity Wings partners with other charities serving the disabled community, low income families, military/veterans, various support groups and more by providing free creativity sessions to their clients and beneficiaries. OSML partners with Charity Wings to bring art and technology together in the maker community.

Maker Repair Site - OSML will host a basic repair facility for maker exhibitors to make urgent repairs to their projects as needed to continue their show and tell. We discovered and met this need at the 2015 San Diego Maker Faire for several makers that needed quick repairs, but could not find anyone with the right tools - except a makerspace, of course!
Internet of Things Workshop