NASA 3D Printing Challenge

From May 12th to August 2nd, Open Source Maker Labs hosted students participating in the K-12 NASA 3D Printing Challenge!

The objective was to design a container that could be printed on the International Space Station, which now has a 3D printer on board. Josh Bendik and Josh Guthrie spent over two months designing, prototyping, and building their own 3D-printable containers that served different functions depending on the area of focus. Josh Bendik, who enjoys photography, decided to create a container for the SD cards used in cameras. Josh Guthrie focused on wildlife due to his love of snakes and designed a support cage for plant growth in space.

“I like to design stuff,” says Josh Guthrie. “It’s fun – it’s a hobby.”

Clayton McIntire, a 3D-printing professional, volunteered as an expert mentor to aid the students participating in the NASA Challenge. With his practical insight, the students were able to make feasible designs that could be printed on earth as well as in space.

“I love love love 3D printing,” Clayton McIntire gushes. “And I want to help others see their ideas come to fruition.”

Their favorite part?

“3D printing it was definitely the best part,” Josh Bendik says, in agreement with Josh Guthrie. “It was cool to see the designs come to life.”

Projects that inspire students are what we love doing at the lab. Neither student had ever used SketchUp or a 3D printer before. By the end of the project, they had gained confidence using both. This turned out to be a fantastic first challenge project, and there will definitely be many more to come at Open Source Maker Labs.

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