August Update

Hello, makers!

There has been a lot of activity around the lab this past month.  We’ve had a scissors lift onsite for a whole week, so anything that needed work 12 feet or more off the ground got some major attention. New lights were installed over the woodworking and metalworking areas, and it is truly the difference between night and day.  We placed network cables and security cameras throughout the space, as well as a super lightshow over the electronics workshop.  John Tyson, our cherished electrician, powered through the dust and odd configs in the junction boxes to boost our power and bring light to the dark.

We are also thrilled to have Carol Reed as one of our new instructors – She is a lifelong maker and comes to us after teaching woodworking at Palomar Community College and writing a book on routers. Many nights and weekends, she can be found at the lab building her CNC router.

The High Tech High North County robotics team has also been active, taking workshops on gears, chains, and wheels – subjects they’ll need to know about when the next build season starts. Cyberpatriots and the Lego Mindstorm robotics team have been meeting at the lab.

OSML also hosted a NASA-sponsored space challenge for high school students – their task was to design a box that could be printed on the International Space Station and that would be versatile enough to hold multiple samples and experiments safely during space travel.  Our expert 3D printing teacher, Clayton McIntyre, volunteered his time to assist the team.

Several friends joined us for a Pluto Party in honor of the New Horizons satellite that took over 9 years to fly by the smallest ex-planet in our solar system.  In addition to snacks, TANG was served.  (Couldn’t find any spacefood sticks locally – anyone remember those?)

A Big Thank You! to the friends of OSML who helped with things little and big around the lab during these past few weeks!

NASA 3D Printing Challenge