Learn about OSML

Our mission, our passion, and our history

Odoo • Image and TextOne of many views of our lab, showing some open work space, CADE, our laser cutter, and our 3D printers

Open Source Maker Labs provides resources for its members by making equipment, open source technology, knowledge, and projects more accessible. We share ideas on new and unique applications of technologies to encourage innovation, prototyping, and creation. Learning facilitated at our lab often involves 3D printing, electronics, robotics, and the use of CNC tools, and focuses on practical skills. OSML strongly advocates for applying these skills and the knowledge gained creatively, giving the community the freedom to create, invent, and innovate!

Our lab is built on the following principles:

  • Open source accelerates innovation through freedom of collaboration

  • Technology enables advanced customization on a small scale

  • Learning technical skills allows individuals to apply their knowledge, enabling creative expression 

Our Origins

Our original lab space started in our garage. We treated the prospective business much like a new project: we planned, prototyped, and tested our ideas before putting them into action. Though the space was smaller, we were determined to create a functional replica of a larger lab area. We started with a few machines, a few basic classes, and our son's FIRST robotics team as our guinea pigs. We also invested in and tested some of the machines currently in use in our Vista lab, including our CNC mill and lathe!

Once we had built up the business as much as possible within a small space, it was time to find a more permanent residence with the capability of hosting more than one group at a time. We then moved into what would be our home for the next four years, a 4700 sq foot warehouse in Vista. This space served us well for many years, and allowed us to work on a wide variety of projects, both big and small. We housed several FIRST robotics teams, SEDS Vulcan 1, Tritea, and Collossus projects, and more!

After five years of running OSML, we decided to move into a good middle ground between our first two locations. A 3000 sq foot warehouse, with a larger conference room and a brand new layout! The current lab space fits our needs perfectly, and allows us to continue working on both large and small projects!

Odoo • Text and ImageMoving from the garage to our first warehouse. We ended up moving a lot more to our current location!